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(From 2nd to 5th of July 2019)

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    The particularity of the nonlinear processes is that they satisfy some stochastic differential equations where there is no linearity (with respect to the associated partial differential equation). The linear stochastic processes had been well known for decades. But, the nonlinear ones are the subject of intense researchs in the domain of the probability, in the partial differential equations but also in the applications of the mathematics. However, real phenomena are more often nonlinear processes than linear one. Let us give some examples of nonlinear processes that we are interested in:

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    Talk of Alessandra BIANCHI
    Talk of Paul-Eric CHAUDRU DE RAYNAL
    Talk of Quentin CORMIER
    Talk of François DELARUE
    Talk of Gonçalo DOS REIS
    Talk of Hong DUONG
    Talk of Jean-François JABIR
    Talk of Aline KURTZMANN
    Talk of Michela OTTOBRE
    Talk of Grigorios PAVLIOTIS
    Talk of William SALKELD (to appear soon)
    Talk of Lukasz SZPRUCH
    Talk of Etienne TANRÉ was in blackboard.
    Talk of Milica TOMASEVIC was in blackboard.


    Poster of Oumaima BENCHEIKH
    Poster of Quentin CORMIER
    Poster of Paul DOBSON
    Poster of William HAMMERSLEY
    Poster of Romain RAVAILLE
    Poster of William SALKELD


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    We are thankful to Université Jean Monnet, Institut Camille Jordan, Labex MiLyon and Fédération de Recherche en Mathématiques Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.