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Associate Professor
Hors Classe
Jean Monnet University


    Since September 2013, I am Associate Professor (Hors Classe since 2022 november) at Jean Monnet University (UJM) at Saint-Étienne. I do my research activities in the team "Probabilities, Statistics and Mathematical Physics" in the Saint-Étienne campus from Camille Jordan Institute (ICJ) at Faculty of Sciences and Techniques (FST). I teach at Télécom Saint-Étienne (TSE), engineers school in UJM.

    I have defended my PhD on Tuesday 06/07/2010 and my Habilitation on 01/12/2015. I am Principal Investigator of ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche that is the French National Research Agency) project METANOLIN.

    My Mathscinet ID is 904 184. My ORCID ID is 0000-0001-9060-653X.

    My full resume can be found at the following link: resumepdf logo


    You can contact me at the following mail address: julian (dot) tugaut (at) univ-st-etienne (dot) fr

\[ \begin{array}{l|l} \mbox{My coordinates at ICJ are: }& \mbox{My coordinates at TSE are:}\\ \mbox{Office B-105}& \mbox{Office I-117}\\ \mbox{Faculté des Sciences et Techniques}& \mbox{Télécom Saint-Étienne}\\ \mbox{23, rue du Docteur Paul Michelon}& \mbox{25, rue du Docteur Rémy Annino}\\ \mbox{42023 Saint-Étienne, France}& \mbox{42000 Saint-Étienne, France}\\ \mbox{(0033)(0) 477 481 569}& \mbox{(0033)(0) 477 915 833} \end{array} \]


    The PhD project that Jean-François Jabir and myself have submitted to EDSIS has been selected for possible funding by UJM. PhD subject.

    From the Wednesday 31st of May to the 2nd of June in 2023, I will co-organize with Aline Kurtzmann a workshop : "Stochastic processes, metastability and applications". It will take place at Nancy.

    I supervise a master student from Amiens since February 2023. He works on large deviations principles.

  Past news

    The Saturday 22nd of October in 2022, I have co-organized with Kentaro Fujie a workshop on chemotaxis. It took place at Tohoku University, in Japan.

    In 2022 (from Tuesday 17th of May to Friday 20th of May), the ANR projects METANOLIN and QuAMProcs have organized a common workshop at Saint-Étienne. Organizers: Aline Kurtzmann, Laurent Michel, Julien Reygner and myself. This workshop was planned in November 2020 but it has been postponed due to pandemie.

    In 2020, UJM and METANOLIN have offered a PhD fellowship for three years with Aline Kurtzmann and myself. The fellowship has been obtained by a very good candidate: Ashot ALEKSIAN. The defense of this very good thesis will a priori be in 2023.

    In 2019, our ANR project (for young researchers) METANOLIN has been funded by the French National Research Agency. Permanent members: Paul-Eric Chaudru de Raynal, Aline Kurtzmann, Pierre Monmarché, Milica Tomasevic and myself.

    I organized a workshop on nonlinear stochastic processes in 2019 with Pascale Villet (secretary of ICJ at UJM).

    I co-organized a second workshop on Gaussian Processes in 2018 with Olivier Alata, Xavier Bay, Laurence Grammont and Pascale Villet (secretary of ICJ at UJM).

    I co-organized a workshop on Gaussian Processes in 2017 with Olivier Alata, Laurence Grammont and Pascale Villet (secretary of ICJ at UJM).

    In 2017, UJM has offered a PhD fellowship for three years with Olivier Alata and myself. The fellowship has been given to Romain RAVAILLE. The defense of that PhD was on 07/07/2021.