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Aim of the workshop

    The study of gaussian processes is essential in many applications, like the signal and image processing. With this workshop, we aim to gather researchers working in the area of the gaussian processes, from the theoretical point of view to the applications.

Organizing committee

List of speakers


    Workshop schedule
    Workshop program


    Talk of Manfred OPPER
    Talk of Hassan MAATOUK
    Talk of Victor RABIET
    Talk of Yohann DE CASTRO
    Talk of Jean-Charles CROIX


    The inscription is free but to attend the workshop, you need to register before the 25th of October at 21:00 (french hour) by sending an email to

tugaut (at) math (dot) cnrs (dot) fr

    We also thank you per advance to tell us if you want to be part of the conference dinner.

    For young researchers, some financial support can be offered.

Practical informations

    The talks will be at room C112.

    To come to the campus, you can take bus M4 from ''Châteaucreux'' or bus M6 from ''Square Violette''. The bus stop is ''Faculté des sciences''. You can check your travel on the website of STAS.